Our Permanent Collection
The Hilliard's Permanent Collection is a body of work that the Museum acquires, preserves and exhibits for the University students, faculty and staff, as well as our community. The Permanent Collection remains in storage for safekeeping and objects are occasionally brought out for exhibitions.  Please check our Exhibits page to see when objects from the Permanent Collection may be on display.
Our permanent collection includes:
The Henry Botkin Collection
The Henry Botkin collection consists of 150 works in oil, pastel, and collage produced by the artist from the 1930s through the 1960s. It is considered one of the most important single collections held at the Hilliard. Henry Botkin (American, 1896-1983) was born and raised in Boston, and studied at the Massachusetts College of Art before moving to New York and continuing his studies at the Art Students League. Botkin had the good fortune to have a very close relationship with his first cousins George and Ira Gershwin, who supported him on an extended stay in Paris in the 1920s. Botkin began in the late 1930s to move away from the School of Paris Modernism that he had adopted after he left Boston.
Japanese Prints
The jACQueline Heymann Cohn JAPANESE PRINT Collection
A collection of Japanese woodblock prints illustrating the changes in Japanese society from the late 19th to the early 20th century. The subjects reflect popular social interests and concerns, from beautiful women to handsome actors to political satire.



sylvia warren lowe collection
The Sylvia and Warren Lowe Collection of American Vernacular Art
Folk Art, also called self-taught or vernacular art, is created by people with no formal training in the visual arts. Like trained artists, they may be motivated by feelings as varied as religious passion, political zeal or delight in their visual surroundings, and they create art as diverse as their motivations.

John McCrady

ThE LOUISIANA COLLECTION                                             19th-21st century paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, and sculpture by artists who are native or have a close affiliation to Louisiana. Artists include John McCrady, William Moreland, Elemore Morgan, Jr., George Rodrigue, Hunt Slonem, Margaret Evangeline, Cora Kelly Ward, Clyde Connell, among many others.



Egyptian Ibis
 of Egyptian Art.



european painting
The european and american painting collection
A growing collection establish through the generous contributions of W. E. Groves and the ongoing contributions of Robert and Jolie Shelton, George and Betty Jo Newton and Elizabeth Dubus Baldridge.



The museum also plans to build important collections from art produced in, or influenced by, the arts and cultures of the Americas, Africa, Europe, and the Caribbean, as well as the art of artists influenced by the prevailing imagery of Louisiana. Specific focus is given to artists who work or have worked in Louisiana and/or influenced the culture of Louisiana.

Please contact the Museum Director regarding possible contributions to the museum's collection.


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